Beach Art

Group Rules:

*Number one rule, I want to see the foreground, beach, rocks, shingle etc, lets see the foreshore, interaction of the sea with rocks/sand/shingle etc.

  • Please respect copyright, observe and follow all RedBubble guidelines and policies.
  • Ensure your horizons are level. This is the number one reason for a rejection. Those images within the archives which were submitted to the gallery before we closed it to moderation are being systematically removed.

*No overprocessed images, light HDR is fine, NO snapshots, no underexposed or overexposed images. All photographs will be evaluated based on highest quality, composition, depth of field and dynamic range, overall balance, etc…

*No people, birds or animals allowed.

*Primary focus of this group is Fine Art Photography.

• Panoramic Images, Long Exposure, slow shutter speed.

• Please submit no more than 2 image per day.

• Submit only your finest work.

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