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"SEA" Beaches of the World Fine Art Photography. No people, birds or animals allowed.


Aj Finan Aj Finan 928 posts

Good afternoon to all members of this wonderful group. It is with much regret that I am handing over my groups on redbubble… Is there anyone that is interested in taking over the groups BeachScapes and Sensational Sun ??? If so could you please bubble mail me. I have no time for redbubble at the moment with my busy life and feel it unfair to the members having to wait sometimes upto a week before I accept their images.

The group is originally my dear friend Ken’s and he gave me permission a few months back to hand them over if I felt I had too. I hung on as long as I could so if anyone out there would be interested let me know. Being a host already would be beneficial as again spending the time to explain how it works is not something I have. They are great quality groups and some wonderful photographers have joined. Please if you have an interest in these groups please contact me….Thank you

Aj :)

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8915 posts

So sorry to see you leave, but I understand. Thanks for all your work here on RB.

Aj Finan Aj Finan 928 posts

I am not leaving the bubble, just letting my groups go to a host who can spend more time on them. Can’t get rid of me that easily lol….