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Monday Features and an apology are ready for your viewing pleasure!

LunaLuxPhoto LunaLuxPhoto 82 posts

Have a look at our gorgeous photos right here: http://www.redbubble.com/groups/backyard-art
I chose these as a farewell to spring and summer, though I adore fall as well :) and my choices go along with my apology. Please forgive my two Monday features absences, my mom passed a bit ago and as devastating as that is for me still, my brother and I have been going through her things, estate etc…my heart and mind just weren’t available….

ctheworld ctheworld 7370 posts

Wonderful selection! Congratulations to everyone, and a big THANK YOU for choosing one of my works to feature, I’m thrilled!

teresa731 teresa731 498 posts

Great job!! These are beautiful!! Keeping you in our thoughts.. hey, we all go through rough times so we have to be tolerant of those times for each other. Blessings and thanks for your help on our group.. you are great to work with!!

LunaLuxPhoto LunaLuxPhoto 82 posts

Thank you Teresa and I am certainly blessed to have found you! This gorgeous group is a blessing too…

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4502 posts

Beautiful Work! Congratulations to all of you on your well deserved features!
I’m so very sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. May she Rest in Peace & guide you through this difficult time.

LunaLuxPhoto LunaLuxPhoto 82 posts

Thank you Lee, you are very kind :)

MarianBendeth MarianBendeth 1493 posts

Such incredible views from someone’s window!
Congratulations to everyone and thank you for this feature.

I am very very sorry to hear of your loss. These kind of waves can be stormy at times. I don’t think any of us are prepared for the emotional roller coaster but do hope you find much solace in the days and weeks to come and those waves steer you away from pain.

LunaLuxPhoto LunaLuxPhoto 82 posts

Thank you Marian, I really appreciate your kind words!

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