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Important info about your submissions....

LunaLuxPhoto LunaLuxPhoto 82 posts

Hello everyone,
You are killing me here :) there are so many beautiful, gorgeous submissions to the group! The trouble is that I can not tell if they are taken in your yard or someone else’s yard, both are fine but must state ‘yard’ in the description.. Our magnificent founder states that we can’t accept close ups of flowers, macros, botanical gardens, etc….I usually leave the unknown (to me) to Teresa to monitor, however I am going to have to jump in and reject some (I really, really, REALLY don’t like to have to do this). So, if you think I have mistakenly rejected your gorgeous work, please don’t be upset….just bubble mail me and I will figure it out…okay? Okay :)
Thank you, everyone for your understanding and truly lovely work!

Dlouise Dlouise 3167 posts

Thanks for the explanation,,,I totally understand!!

Helen69 Helen69 5 posts

This is fair enough, and Totally understandable!!

rosedragon rosedragon 6 posts

Thanks, that really helps when I am considering what to submit. I think you have the hardest job.

Yannik Hay Yannik Hay 2359 posts

Thank you Luna :)

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Elfriede Fulda Elfriede Fulda 749 posts

You got it, thank you :-)))

Magriet Meintjes Magriet Meintjes 3811 posts

Thank you Luna!

teresa731 teresa731 474 posts

Great post, Danette.. hope the members who need to read this do.. still having problems. Had to reject quite a few today. Thanks for all your help!! You are a great co-host!!

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4131 posts

Thank you for this info, it really does help…

And THANK YOU for including my piece in the features today!!!! Fabulous!!! this is a lovely FABULOUS honor, thank you so much…
Congratulations to everyone, well done!!

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vigor vigor 10208 posts

As someone who once co-hosted with Teresa, I certainly understand what you are talking about. Good luck in the future!