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Backyard Critters!

This challenge closed over 7 years ago.

The Challenge

Many of our backyards receive guests of a wild nature from time to time! And many of us have critters who consider our yards home….our pets! This challenge is all about them; the squirrels, raccons, possum, bunnies, deer, birds, horses, cows, and pets (just to name a few!) who stumble into our yards, invited or not!

PLEASE! No bugs! No butterflies! No kids! (even though they sometimes do seem like wild animals!) Just wild, domestic or farm animals please! Also, part of the yard or tree, shrub, must be included in the capture!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote for the image(s) you love the best! And those images which truly follow the guidelines set forth AND! of course, no trolling for votes as that would be highly unethical!!! Have fun!

Rewards & Prizes

Top ten winners will be featured…and will feel really good about themselves!

Additional Information

Hosts reserve the right to remove any images from the challenge that do not meet the guidelines.

Cover Image: Hanging Around the House by Lori Deiter


The Top Ten

Hanging Around the House by Lori Deiter

Hanging Around the House by Lori Deiter was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 9 votes.

  • A Place To Hide by ArtPearl
  • TWO FOR ONE BIRDS by Spiritinme
  • New Friends by Magnum1975
  • Here I am by Soulmaytz
  • ...A Female Deer by Adria Bryant
  • Billy in a Tree by Tracey McKenzie
  • Hands Against the Wall and Spread 'em by Donna Adamski
  • The Adventures of Chippy Chipmunk by Robin Webster
  • Meet Skeeter by lorilee

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