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! Backyard Photography !

A group for sharing photos and art of backyards & the treasures that a backyard holds.


This challenge closed over 6 years ago.

The Challenge

I am so sorry I keep messing up this challenge! Anyway…I will leave this one alone! If you already entered…please re-enter it…clearly I haven’t done a challenge in a while!

So..as I was saying, send us your images of interesting pathways! Any kind…be they in the snow or in the park or by the lake/ocean or in the woods…I’m sure you all get the idea!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for those paths you’d love to go for a walk on!

Rewards & Prizes

Banners! Of course, duh. And, fame and glory (no fortune, sorry) and bragging rights etc.

Cover Image: Guiding light by Yool


The Top Ten

Guiding light by Yool

Guiding light by Yool was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • Another Walkway to the Beach by MaryinMaine
  • The winter lane by Lyn Evans
  • Old Cypress Grove by Barbara  Brown
  • Walk in the Rain Forest by Kay Coates
  • Block Island Pathway to the Sea by SummerJade
  • On a rainy day by Caitlin Dickman
  • Fairy Lights by ShotsOfLove
  • Autumn Alley by Ritva Ikonen
  • Snowy Beach -2  ^ by ctheworld

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