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Back In Black - No Photography

*This Group is for Artists who use Black as the MAIN Art hue/color

Dark Embrace

This challenge closed over 7 years ago.

The Challenge

Take a walk on the darker side. This challenge is about not only a dark image, but a dark subject too. It could be a self portrait of you in your dark mod or a horror fantasy, or a painting of a monster like a witch or Frankenstein! the point here is DARK EMOTIONS, the way halloween make one feel.

Judging / Voting Criteria

as you see fit

Do NOT post journels or go begging for your friends to vote for you, that is tacky and I will make fun of you if I see it, LOL

Rewards & Prizes

added to group’s Wall of fame, featured Member section, forever btw.
Group ICON and a spot light on the front page.

Additional Information

please NO WHITE BACKGROUNDS for this challenge. and as always NO PHOTOGRAPHS
Your art must depict a DARK EMOTION as well as being visually dark

Cover Image: black river runs by mimiyoon


The Top Ten

Bonsai Wrath by Danilo Lejardi

Bonsai Wrath by Danilo Lejardi was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 8 votes.

  • Halo by Josh Bowe
  • Nightstalker - Black Leopard by Heather Ward
  • And at this point we discover the truth. by Simon Sherry
  • RearView by Steve Hester
  • A Beautiful Lie by Lynsye Medalia
  • Trepidation by Joseph Barbara
  • Midnight Morph by monica98
  • Lost innocence by CheyenneLeslie Hurst
  • If You See Kay...Tell Her I Love Her by dualatdawn

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