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Back In Black - No Photography

*This Group is for Artists who use Black as the MAIN Art hue/color

Just a Touch of Color ($20 voucher)

This challenge closed about 4 years ago.

The Challenge

~ Black with just a Single Accent Color ~

BLACK is the focus of this group! So your entry should be mostly black.

This challenge is for black with just a touch of accent-color, as the challenge title says and as illustrated by the cover image, “Piece of Earth.”

Whether red, blue, green, yellow or magenta your accent color should “pop” from the black and be integral to the over-all design.

For definition you may use some white and/or gray in addition to your touch of color, but be sure it’s very minimal! No white backgrounds, please. No images composed of gray, blue or sepia (they must be primarily, and definitely BLACK)!

Please be sure your work has been accepted in the group! Otherwise, it will be removed by voting time. (If it doesn’t belong in the group, it doesn’t belong in the challenge).

This is not a group for straight photography! We accept Art (drawings, paintings) and/or digital manipulations ONLY. This means if you started with a photograph, including stock, it must be transformed via Photoshop or some other program to become a unique, creative artwork all your own – and again, must be primarily BLACK.

(If you’re unfamiliar with us, please see our gallery and the guidelines on our group home page before submitting work).

Any subject qualified to be accepted in the group will be accepted in this challenge (this excludes obscenity & porn, outright gore and hate-art; so again, see our rules).

Per our policy from the beginning, hosts may enter challenges at Back in Black.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for those you think are most artistic and most appealing to the eye as well as those that fit the challenge theme the best! (We encourage you to vote for more than one).

VOTE – VOTE – VOTE! We will send reminders out if possible.

However… No soliciting of votes! No ghost-votes! No voting from multiple accounts! We will not tolerate padding of the ballot box and anyone caught doing so will find their entry removed. It’s fraud – it isn’t fair to other members – and it’s strictly against Red Bubble policy.

Rewards & Prizes

Provided the winning entry has at least 4 votes, a $20 Gift Voucher goes to the winner! He or she will also be a Featured Member of the Group and the artwork will receive a banner in addition to a spot of honor on our group home page.

In the event of a tie, all First Place winners will be recognized (it’s Bubble policy).

If we have more than 25 entries we will recognize the Top 10 (provided all the works receive some votes): if less than that, or if some entries on the list have not been voted for, we will recognize the Top 5.

Additional Information

Any entries not in the group (or deemed unsuitable for any other reason), will be removed at the discretion of the hosts and any such removals are not negotiable.

Please be sure your entry’s been accepted in the group before you put it in the challenge!

After a bit of a hiatus… Back in Black — is BACK! This is our re-entry challenge! LOL

Older work is good, newer work is even better. Hope you’ll have some fun with this. We’re looking forward to a lot of stunning art!

Thanks to Eric Nagel for our cover image, Piece of Earth!

Cover Image: Piece of Earth by Eric Nagel


The Top Ten

Visions In The Dark by Elizabeth Burton

Visions In The Dark by Elizabeth Burton was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 8 votes.

  • Shadow by Damian May
  • Levitating Lily by GuyAmazed
  • Zach  by Sally O'Dell
  • After Art by Danica Radman
  • Doom by Richard  Gerhard
  • The deeper the love the deeper the wounds by Orlando Rosado
  • Sea Witch by Gal Lo Leggio
  • Piece of Earth by Eric Nagel
  • Intensité nomade II by Chehade

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