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To celebrate the beauty of God's Creation


  • A Fox in the snow.. by John44
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bunn Bunn by WildestArt
  • This secret herb keeps your crest shining bright yellow! by Erik Schlogl
  • Wrapped In Swans Down by naturelover
  • Death stare by David Wachenfeld
  • Oh Really, A Photo? by byronbackyard
  • Feeding In The Lilypond by byronbackyard
  • Tree sparrow - I ( Passer montanus) by Peter Wiggerman
  • Mother & Baby by Henry Jager
  • Robin in Winter #3 by Laurie Minor
  • Freeing A Goshawk by byronbackyard
  • On High by byronbackyard
  • MARTIAL EAGLE - _*Polemaeus bellicosus* – *BREEKOPAREND* by Magriet Meintjes
  • "Can I have some?" by Sandra Chung
  • When You Feel Like Dancing by byronbackyard
  • Lion Love by HaleyRenee
  • Return Of The Kites by byronbackyard
  • Stop Hunting by Ludwig Wagner