Aeronautics & Aviation

This Group is for aviation images (subject to the group rules).

Recent Work

  • Fokker Monoplane,Avalon Airshow,Australia 2015 by muz2142
  • RAAF C130J Formation,Avalon Airshow,Australia 2015 by muz2142
  • Elbit-Aerostar MiG-21 LanceR-C line-up by Colin Smedley
  • Skip Stewart Aerobatics,Avalon Airshow,Australia 2015  by muz2142
  • Pitts Pull-up,Avalon Airshow,Australia 2015  by muz2142
  • Nieuport Scout,Avalon Airshow,Australia 2015 by muz2142
  • Break! Coningsby, Lincolnshire. by Merlin72
  • Yoyo Helicopter,Avalon Airshow,Australia 2015 by muz2142
  • Bell JetRanger 206B by PrecisionHeli
  • Hawker Tempest II MW763/G-TEMT by Colin Smedley
  • Sopwith Camel,Avalon Airshow,Australia 2015  by muz2142
  • Fairchild KR-21 by RikReimert

About This Group

This group is designed for aviation works: Open to photographs and art as well as related writing of all sorts: articles, stories and poems (subject to limits).
NO birds or space.

Please abide by this group’s guidelines:
We ask this to avoid the disappointment at having work rejected.

  1. Only submit your best, finished work. e.g.snapshots of dots in the sky (i.e. aircraft too small in frame) etc. are not acceptable. No birds, space exploration, family snapshots in front of an aircraft, small parts of an aircraft, or anything too abstract.
  2. Three uploads per day only (do not submit more than 3 images in 24 hours). There is also a maximum of 5 writing, 5 journals, 5 clothing,. Once you reach these limits you will need to remove an item in order to submit another.
  3. Don’t critique an art piece unless explicitly stated by the artist that they want critique.
  4. No views from aircraft unless another aircraft is visible in the image. Photos of the ground/clouds etc. taken from an aircraft are not acceptable (no matter how beautiful!) and may be better suited to other groups.
  5. All work must be available for sale. If you dont think it is good enough to sell, then it isn’t good enough for the Group portfolio either.
  6. Any work not following the guidelines will be rejected. Group host’s decision is final.

Please Bubblemail me with any questions or suggestions.

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