*Avant-Garde Art*

Original Works by Contemporary Artists that are Avant-Garde and think out of the box.


signaturelaurel signaturelaurel 74 posts

please enter the featured artist challenge.. 2 of the artists that enter this challenge will be featured artists on the main group page for a month! This means tons of exposure, so please enter if you can!

Matt Mawson Matt Mawson 262 posts

Hi Laurel … can you clarify the rules please? I interpret “…your best piece that resembles you as an artist” as “your best self-portrait”.

signaturelaurel signaturelaurel 74 posts

Sorry, I didn’t mean your best self-portrait, I meant the best piece of yours that encompasses your style. Maybe yours is a self-portrait, so you can definitely upload one! The category is pretty broad, and the voting is up to all the group members, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what people will vote for. Good luck!

dperalta dperalta 193 posts

Are we talking about features of ours that have been featured? (Oh dear, this didn’t make any sense.) But did you get that? Or is it just any work that encompasses our style? I have like three styles.

signaturelaurel signaturelaurel 74 posts

any works you want.. if you win you will become a featured artist