Available Natural Light - Erotic/Artistic (no flash)

Nude/erotic images by available light - that's nothing artificial

Recent Work

  • Noir Pinup by MissAudrey
  • Caught in a Moonbeam - Sprinkled With Stardust by Rick Wollschleger
  • Rope marks by MGBradford
  • Shannon by  window light by MGBradford
  • Bodyscape by MGBradford
  • Chained by mephotography
  • alpine crevice by bubbletree
  • summer skin by bubbletree
  • Cassie HDR Blend by Nigel Donald
  • Fairy Dreams by Nicole Remolde
  • Depiction by Farbeyond
  • Day Forty-four by ©Arni Katz

About This Group

Available light only, no flash or artificial fill of any description, although creative use of reflectors is acceptable. This group wants to see images of how you control the unpredictable character of available light and produce erotic/artistic images with “what is there”. Hopefully there will be many up for the challenge.

Please don’t enter any images that have additional lighting as they will be rejected.

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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