Falling Leaves (no B&W)

Group Rules:

Any work is to be related to Autumn leaves / leaves.

NO black and white images, unless a special challenge for those is begun.
Sepia, however, is fine!

NOTHING that has nudity, partial nudity, a safe filter……nothing like that! I never thought I’d have to even say that with this group, but it’s been tried recently…repeatedly…so there it is, in black and white! NO nudity, partial nudity, or safe filter stuff!

NO MORE WRITING allowed, as it has been proven time and again that no one follows the rule that they must be Autumn / Autumn leaves-related. Sorry, but I’m tired of having to remove writing entries that have been submitted wrongly.

NO flowers, bare trees, pine needles, or things of that nature. ALL images / art must be of Autumn leaves / leaves in general, or at least include such leaves in the image as a major feature of the image. Autumn leaves are preferred, of course, or leaves that have been digitally colored (computer art), but we’ll take photos / art of green leaves as well.