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Australian Working Dogs

heelers, kelpies, dingos and other Aussie Working Dogs

  • Airborne by Jennifer Saville
  • CLEAN ENOUGH? by Helen Akerstrom Photography
  • Aussie Gold by Penny Kittel
  • What?  I like being green! by seeingred13
  • COLLIE STRETCH OOB by Helen Akerstrom Photography
  • Jax the Cattle Dog by SamTheCowdog
  • Australian Koolie /Ghost by BarbBarcikKeith
  • Crazy beautiful girl by Maree Cardinale
  • Duffa dog. by CarrieCollins
  • You put your left paw in - You put your left paw out... by Meg Hart
  • Time is gold by Maree Cardinale
  • Goodbye old friend by Maree Cardinale
  • Puppy Love by Fotography by Felisa ~
  • Friendship by SamTheCowdog
  • Man and His Dog! by Anna Ryan
  • CATTLE PUP... by Helen Akerstrom Photography
  • Really? You want me to wash ALL THOSE??? by Guatemwc
  • Blue Healer Friend by pcfyi