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Australian Working Dogs

heelers, kelpies, dingos and other Aussie Working Dogs

Recent Work

  • Big Sal by Deborah McGrath
  • Max II by Deborah McGrath
  • Lassie Love! by Staffaholic
  • Andy in the Shelter by SamTheCowdog
  • 226 blue by pcfyi
  • Australian Cattle Dog Pup by Deanna Gardam
  • Australian Cattle Dog, Father & Son  by BarbBarcikKeith
  • Tibby The Border Collie  by Staffaholic
  • T E D by salsbells69
  • The 'I didnt do it' look by Su Walker
  • SheepDog by Su Walker
  • Birdsville Hotel by Cliff Vestergaard

About This Group

We are a group dedicated to Aussie Working Dogs (a collective name for cattle dogs/heelers, kelpies, coolies, dingoes and all the crossbreeds) – pets, workers and wild dogs alike :)).

We love this beautiful and intelligent breed (in all it’s variety) and would love to provide a place for others who feel the same to meet and greet as well as share the pictures and stories.

We welcome pictures of all pure breeds as well as all crossbreeds, as long as they have one of the Aussie Working Dogs in their ancestry.

I felt it was particularly important to include the Dingo as well because it is considered to be the original Aussie Working Dog and as such, it is present in the ancestry of all other breeds mentioned earlier.

We have put together some interesting information in our forum, so have a look:

Australian Cattle Dogs
Other Aussie Working Dog breeds

We also have a topic devoted to sharing stories about Aussie Working Dogs here

My Aussie Working Dog Story

and for any tips, questions and stories about training and rehoming these wonderful dogs look and post here

Training and rehoming – tips and tricks

See the group rules and join this group here

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