Australian Native Plants

Welcome to the Australian Native Plant group.

Recent Work

  • Isopogon by Deborah McGrath
  • purple enamel orchid Elythranthera brunonis by peterbeaton
  • Gastrolobium velutinum by kalaryder
  • Albino purple enamel orchid by Paul Amyes
  •  clubbed spider orchid by Paul Amyes
  • Flannel Flower - Actinotus helianthi by SusanAdey
  • Caladenia falcata by Paul Amyes
  • Tea Tree - Leptospermum by SusanAdey
  • Australian Flannel Flower by Gabrielle  Lees
  • You Little Beauty ! by Michael Matthews
  • Pink Fairy Orchid 2013 by pennyswork
  • Diuris behrii (Golden Cowslips) by Russell Mawson

About This Group

Welcome to the Australian Native Plant group. This is a group for photographs and paintings of all Australian Native Plants, from ground covers to large trees. The art work can be flowers, bark, nuts, seeds, anything belonging to these plants. The group will show the huge diversity and beauty of our unique Australian plants. There are thousands of species encompassed in Australian plants, many of them are very spectacular and most are found only in Australia.

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