Australian Native Birds

Showcasing the wonderful array of Australia's native birds.

Recent Work

  • White Faced Heron, Tasmania by Chris Cobern
  • Seven Pelicans by kalaryder
  • Young Butcher Bird with Catch by Chris  Randall
  • Rainbow by dilouise
  • Launching  by byronbackyard
  • By The Ponds Edge by byronbackyard
  • White-Necked Heron by margotk
  • 'MATES!' A pair of Red Rumped Parrots. 'Arilka' Adelaide Hills. by Rita Blom
  • Azure Kingfisher by Chris  Randall
  • Precarious by byronbackyard
  • Fly Over by byronbackyard
  • Anybody Home ? by myraj

About This Group

A group dedicated to the wonderful array of Australia’s native birds. From the city to the country, from the coast to the desert, Australia has an amazing variety of unique birds.

Birds are notoriously difficult to photograph. A few reasons we can all relate to include:
a) The bird lands on a perfect branch, you set up the camera and just as you zoom in and focus….the bird flies away; or
b) You are set up and have the bird in sight ready ‘click’, but it insists on staying half-hidden behind a leaf until, eventually….it flies away.
But we go through all of this and more, all for that elusive capture and special moment.

So let’s see those great photos of Australian birds in all their shapes, sizes and colours, whether in your backyard or in a National Park.

There will be regular challenges to suit all photographic styles and interests..

Please restrict your uploads to 3 per day and include:
1) Name of bird (if known)
2) Location: city / town / district + state

The birds must be native to Australia (i.e.: no introduced species).
We are now allowing photos from zoos, wildlife parks, aviaries, etc. However, this information must be included in the description.

The aim is to depict birds in their natural environment (which may include city/suburbs), occurring within their normal range of distribution.

If you have a number of similar photos of the same species, then just choose your best!

See the group rules and join this group here

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