Australian Contemporary Photography

From the sublime to the surreal - visions from down under.

Recent Work

  • Untitled by athex
  • Picnic At Horse Shoe Bay by Ben Loveday
  • Cascading fountain by indiafrank
  • Imaginative Street Art - Adelaide, South Australia by indiafrank
  • Back in time by sharon wingard
  • Veterans at Anzac Day by Andrew  Makowiecki
  • Graham Edwards former Minister for Defence by Andrew  Makowiecki
  • Dawn at Deep Creek by indiafrank
  • What you watching? What you looking for? by indiafrank
  • Three Men on a Bench by Andrew  Makowiecki
  • Spectators at Anzac Day Perth by Andrew  Makowiecki
  • Veterans Motorcycle Club Member by Andrew  Makowiecki

About This Group

Our group is for photographers who are based in Australia, or those who have spent time in Australia, or are influenced by or have an affinity with Australia and its inhabitants.

We hope to promote cultural and aesthetic diversity within the medium of photography and help overcome stereotypes of what it means to be part of Australia today. We especially welcome photographs exploring the immigrant and indigenous experience and from those marginalised by mainstream society.

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