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Australian Bush ☼ (No Macros or Urban Thank you!)

This group is for all your beautiful Scenic views of the Australian Bush. Landscapes preferred CURRENT GROUP NEWS INFO in the FORUM - PLEASE JOIN IN!


adgray adgray 1054 posts

G’day Folks!


I got a bit carried away with the idea of more than one part to this challenge I hope you join in with the fun! ☼Ü☼

Now as I was wandering through the gallery of our gorgeous group looking for Spring Visions I decided to do a few other things (as I dfo) and one was to count the Giraffes I saw.

>>>☼ “Giraffe Hunting” ☼<<<

Already this has confused a few people but it’s a game we made up in my family and something anyone can do to while away a long drive and encourage kids to stop looking inwards and start l;ooking outwards! (Stops motion sickness and boredom and assists with eyesight strengthening too! – a BIG BONUS in these days of staring at PC’s & keyboards!)

Now all it is is when you spot a giraffe in the countryside you shout out “Giraffe!” and keep a talley. The one who spots the most by the next stop get’s the prize (Usually a Freddo Frog or an Icypole!)

Now I know how many giraffes there are in the gallery and will have the total by the close of the Visual part of this comp (which is FRIDAY)
Then the one who posts in here the closest total to match my own wins the prize! ☼Ü☼
Now you can either have a Freddo sent to you (cos an icypole would melt …. come to think of it a Freddo might too <) you pick tho! Ü) OR I’ll purchase something from your gallery. OK I’ll just purchase something from your gallery! ☼Ü☼

Haven’t you twigged yet?

the bush outback kind – whirly gigs on the top of a tall tower!
like this (mine)
But not the new Wind Turbines like Ride Like The Wind……. by Dave Warren

and it has to be in AUSTRALIA!
Oh and for the hunt – it’s the total giraffes you see not the total pictures of them! And be careful some are HIDING really well! ☼Ü☼
(NB: to be fair only what you can see fully or partially visable in the avatar size image Ü)

So for you who have great Giraffe shots of whatever kind the challenge for Voucher & Avatar Honours is >>> Tilted Windmill Challenge

The rest of us who want to just wander through our gorgeous Aussie Bush “GIRAFFE HUNTING” post your answers below!

Remember take only photos and leave only gentle footprints!

☼Ü Happy Bubbling! Ü☼
Chookas! ♥Ü♥


Ok the counting stops at my windmil pic Wind in the Burn ok?

Helen Martikainen Helen Martikainen 244 posts

I’ll play, and I am not sure how far back to go, 675 pages is way too many for me to search. However, in the pages I did look through I came across 22.
Do I have to keep recounting if people add more images?

adgray adgray 1054 posts

G’day Helen
Thank you for playing along! ☼Ü☼

I have gone through the whole gallery so I do know the total BUT if other’s don’t want to go through it all the closest number will do! ☼Ü☼
I’ll take the talley up till the visual part closes – so Friday is the last counting day ok?

I hope the game helps anyone travelling with kids – even my 15yo stuill counts them!
You can call Round Hay Bales Lions (if not wrapped in green plastic) and the grey water tanks are elephants. The Turbines we call storks! Ü
Perhaps I’ll do another one with one of them next year! ☼Ü☼

It is a good excuse though to look at all the stunning art we have in this group gallery ☼Ü☼
Chookas! ♥Ü♥

CapturedByKylie CapturedByKylie 1991 posts

Up until Tuesday @ 10:07pm i counted 106 Giraffes (AKA windmills) so i will submit this as my guess.

Do we have to add an any new images that get added during the week?

I’d like to add that there are so many stunning images… it was so relaxing going through all those pages of art. There are so many more “new” places that i would like to visit now!

adgray adgray 1054 posts

AWESOME Kylie! ☼Ü☼

It is great to look through the pages of gorgeous art! I love it! It’s like going bush every day! That’s why I host this group so I can do just that! Ü

EXECUTIVE DECISION HERE Ok the counting stops at my windmil pic “Wind in the Burn” ok?
I’ll go change the message above!

Chookas! ♥Ü♥