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Working Class Man Feature

Bevlea Ross Bevlea Ross 563 posts

We have a special feature today – Working Class Man

If you would like to listen to the song, as sung by Jimmy Barnes while you look at the images, please click Here

Jimmy Barnes
by Darren Stones

Working Class Man

working hard to make a living

The Roadtrain
by hans polsen

bringing shelter from the rain

Causeway Lane, Melbourne
by Christine Smith

a fathers son left to carry on

Mr Edwards
by Ruth Anne Stevens

blue denim in his vein

Wish he'd stop talking – I'm ready to go
by Graeme Hyde

oh oh oh he’s a working class man

Top job
by hans p olsen

well he’s a steel town disciple

Real Men
by Andrew Wilson

he’s a legend of his kind

Man at Work
by Roz McQuillan

he’s running like a cyclone

Run Grasshopper Run
by Ruth Anne Stevens

across the wild mid western sky

Cotton Pickin' – Toowoomba Qld Australia
by Beth Wode

oh oh oh he’s a working class man

The Engineer – Manning the Pumps
by TonyCrehan

he believes in god and elvis

The Aussie Elvis. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
by Ralph de Zilva

he gets out when he can

Andy at sea
by BigAndRed

he did his time in Vietnam,

The Valley's Path
by Mark Lucey

still mad at Uncle Sam

Anzac Day
by Darren Stones

he’s a simple man, with a heart of gold

by Motionless

in a complicated land

Sunset Muster
by Mieke Boynton

oh he’s a working class man

You Missed A Bit
by Kris Montgomery

well he loves a little woman, someday he’ll make his wife

Riverside Romance
by Judi Rustage

saving all the overtime, for the one love of his life

" Made Of Steel "
by Sherie Howard

he ain’t worried about tomorrow, cause he just made up his mind

Tallangatta cattle sales 1949 02180000
by Fred Mitchell

life’s too short for burning bridges, take it one day at a time

by diggle

oh oh oh he’s a working class man

Retrieving the Bronco 2 (bw)
by Werner Padarin

oh oh oh he’s a working class man

by Andrew Woodman

Jennifer Saville Jennifer Saville 216 posts

Love it! Fabulous photos and a very clever theme. Congrats all!

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2569 posts

What a lot of work to put this together!!! Wow. Fantastic photography, and awesome curation. Congrats to all!! And thank you, Bev!!

Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson 159 posts


Christine Smith Christine Smith 169 posts

All fantastic images and a great theme. I’m honoured to have been selected as one of them.

Graeme  Hyde Graeme Hyde 774 posts

Great work girls in putting this together. I’m honoured to have a photo selected in the theme presentation. Congrats to all.

diggle diggle 140 posts

Fantastic presentation and collection of shots..

Melissa Dickson Melissa Dickson 812 posts

Nice work Bev :) loved it… Congratulations to all xxxx

Chris Brunton Chris Brunton 1642 posts

Great theme and selection. Great images of the working class man. Congratulations to all.

Matt Hill Matt Hill 5 posts

Love the linkage and the theme… Awesome work..

Beth  Wode Beth Wode 258 posts

Bev you are an absolute marvel at doing these! AWESOME work :) thank you for including one of my shots.

Bevlea Ross Bevlea Ross 563 posts

Thankyou Beth…….and yes Meike they do take while (4 hours for this one lol), but I appreciate the way you all get a kick out of them …I enjoy doing them..

There were some images from our recent ‘working man’ challenge I planned to include but couldnt as they werent in the group as well as challenge…. you never know when I will do one of these special features… so if you submit to group AND challenge, you always have a chance of featuring in one :-)

Rita Blom Rita Blom 3440 posts

Great work & Congratulations to the artists. Great theme and it makes the photos all the more interesting. Fabulous.