Atmospheric Optics

For the display of photographic works that feature the less common atmospheric optical phenomena.


  • Sun Halo Through the Trees by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Double Sundog At Sunset by Ginny York
  • Gone Is The Night by Jeannette Sutherland
  • Aurora at Glacier Lagoon by Roddy Atkinson
  • After The Storm ~ by Ginny York
  • Spray by PigleT
  • Sundog At Sunset by Ginny York
  • Sun Halo - a Beautiful Optical Phenomenon by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Of Sun Dogs and Rainbows by Georgia Mizuleva
  • ~ A New Road ~ by LeeoPhotography
  • ~ Around a New Corner ~ by LeeoPhotography
  • Cottesloe Beach Sunrise by EOS20
  • Mountain Spectre, Maui by Michael Treloar
  • ~ Sunbeams ~ by LeeoPhotography
  • Let The Light Shine Down  by EOS20
  • Total Solar Eclipse, Ceduna, South Australia 2002 by muz2142
  • A Treasure at the End of a Rainbow by Peter Kurdulija
  • The Beauty You Seek by Arla M. Ruggles