Atmospheric Optics

For the display of photographic works that feature the less common atmospheric optical phenomena.

Atmospheric Optics Group Guidelines (locked)

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Welcome to the Atmospheric Optics Group

Aim of the Group

The aim of the atmospheric optics group is the provide a place where people can showcase their works that relate to atmospheric optical phenomena. It also aims to provide forums where people can discuss atmospheric optics.

Err, and What Are Atmospheric Optics?

Have a look at this fantastic website on the subject.

What Sort of Works Are Allowed?

Photographs of atmospheric optical phenomena. Only actual photographs please. No digital creations. No works with overlaid text or similar additions. Note that fairly extreme post-processing of an image is permitted (it’s sometimes needed to bring the subject out) but, please, no creations of something that wasn’t actually there.

A few examples of what is acceptable are:

  1. Rainbows
  2. Crepuscular rays
  3. Cloud shadows
  4. The Earth’s shadow
  5. Sunset mirages
  6. The green flash
  7. Coronae
  8. Glories
  9. Halos
  10. Essentially, if it’s identified as an atmospheric optical phenomena over on this site then it should be acceptable for this group.

There is one exception: the site I point to might suggest that any old sunrise/sunset would be good for this group. While most of the things you see during a sunrise/sunset are down to atmospheric optics, plain old sunrise/sunset shots are excluded. Allowed in they’d swamp the group. There is a sunrise and sunset group so it makes more sense to contribute such images there.

Try and make your work be one about atmospheric optics, not one that just happens to contain an atmospheric optical phenomena as an incidental part of the image. Simply put: if you’re trying really hard to find a small gap in the guidelines so you can place a work here it probably doesn’t fit. If you’re unsure drop a moderator a line and ask.

It also goes without saying that any work you submit to the group should be one that you have a right to submit. Copyright matters.

Please Note: All of the above also pertains to journals and written works. A journal or written work should relate to the subject of atmospheric optics. If you add a journal or a written work that doesn’t relate to the above it will be removed.

And please don’t be offended if a moderator removes a work.

What Are the Group’s Limits?

There is no total limit. However, please don’t submit more than 3 works a day.

Who Can Join?

Anyone. You don’t have to have any images to post. Feel free to join and take part in the forum (perhaps you’ve seen something and you don’t know what it is?).