Atlantic Canada

A place for artists currently living in Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia…and yes, even Newfoundland) to show the rest of the world what incredible art and talent we produce over here.


  • Peggy's Cove Lighthouse by Leanne Davis
  • Lobster Pots by Kevin  Kroeker
  • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not... by Darlene Ruhs
  • Jetstream Sky by Ryan Piercey
  • Pretty "n" Purple by Darlene Ruhs
  • Nature's Candy Corn by Darlene Ruhs
  • Shimmer by Ryan Piercey
  • Whale Of A Tail by Ryan Piercey
  • Road Goes Ever On by JTrask
  • Gull Island by Ryan Piercey
  • Just Ducky! by JTrask
  • Weathered by Ryan Piercey
  • Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay by Kevin  Kroeker
  • Ocean's Pebbles by Darlene Ruhs
  • Generations Of Memories by Darlene Ruhs
  • Gullingo 1 by Darlene Ruhs
  • The Little Red Shed by Darlene Ruhs
  • The Rolling Stones by Ryan Piercey