Atlantic Canada

A place for artists currently living in Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia…and yes, even Newfoundland) to show the rest of the world what incredible art and talent we produce over here.


  • Colours of Fall by Stephen Ryan
  • The Old and The Newer by PFrogg
  • The Mar II by Darlene Ruhs
  • Skylight by Lee Donavon Hardy
  •  By The Sea - Halifax, Nova Scotia  by Darlene Ruhs
  • End of The Line by PFrogg
  • Charlotte's Web by Kevin  Kroeker
  • The Tenant... by Kevin  Kroeker
  • In Deb's Garden by Lee Donavon Hardy
  • Petitcodiac Baptist Church by Leanne Davis
  • Low tide by Leanne Davis
  • Aloft by Sandy  McClearn
  • S Class by Sandy  McClearn
  • Cheeky Greylag by Daphne Johnson
  • Peach Blossoms by JTrask
  • 1 Thessalonians 4:16 by Kevin  Kroeker
  • End of the Road by Lee Donavon Hardy
  • Waiting For Spring by Lee Donavon Hardy