Atheism and Humanism

A group embracing a positive approach to atheism and humanism

Recent Work

  • One more looking back by Alex Preiss
  • just say NO to SECTS by TAIs TEEs
  • Conspirators by Alex Preiss
  • Feature by Alex Preiss
  • It Takes a Viking to Raze a Village by Samuel Sheats
  • Good Help Is Hard To Find. by Alex Preiss
  • Winter Waves At Waimea Bay 4 by Alex Preiss
  • red boys landscape by glennbrady
  • Trump The Inquisitor In Chief by Alex Preiss
  • TRASH 0008 by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • Trump is my copilot. by Alex Preiss

About This Group


- Promote courteous and informed enquiry into life without belief in a divine being through art and writing

- Foster a tolerant and positive approach to atheism as a rich and rewarding alternative to theist beliefs

- Enjoy ourselves.


This group welcomes atheism and anti-theism, but also agnosticism and religious apathy and even cynicism. Doubt and uncertainty? Sure! This is the place to exploit healthy religious scepticism in your artistic and literary creativity.

The group’s forums are an important part of its identity. Share your thoughts, your musings, your humour, your ideals.

You can stick this on your profile page:

Shani Sohn, winner of our avatar challenge, created the above logo.

I also want to pay tribute to this lovely example of calligraphy:

The artist responsible for this is Tastypaper and for those who have criticised this group for being merely anti-christian, as opposed to anti-religion and pro-humanity, please note it means “atheist” in Arabic.

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