Abandoned Asylums & Hospitals

Works that display the unique characteristics of hospitals, asylums, and other medical facilities.

  • Abandoned and collapsing asylum by DariaGrippo
  • Old Hospital Bed by DariaGrippo
  • Staged by Katherine Anderson
  • Sunlit Collapse by Katherine Anderson
  • Packages and graffitti by John Shortt-Smith
  • Colored Depths by Katherine Anderson
  • The Blues by Katherine Anderson
  • Hartwood Hospital by MissyVix
  • Lost in a sea of Colours - Severalls Asylum by MidnightRunner
  • Cane Hill Mental Asylum - Tunnel by hiddenforests
  • Snow White by Katherine Anderson
  • Severalls Asylum - One Corridor to Many by MidnightRunner
  • Severalls - Many a Corridor by MidnightRunner
  • Ruchill Hospital by MissyVix
  • Charred Hall by PolarityPhoto