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A group for works, and people, that relate to astronomy.


  • Cassiopeia - In the mist by Josef Pittner
  • Star Gazin by Roddy Atkinson
  • Funky!...........the planet Saturn by Rivendell7
  • Star Trails over Racetrack Playa Stones of Death Valley by Gavin Heffernan
  • Solar Eclipse - May 10 2013  by EOS20
  • Solar Eclipse II by Richard Heath
  • Pink Floyd country perhaps... by Rivendell7
  • Starry Starry Night by David Haworth
  • Moon Jupiter Conjunction, Feb 18 2013 by Stephen Permezel
  • Omega Centauri in Colour by Atmos
  • Total Solar Eclipse - Cairns 2012 by Stephen Permezel
  • Annular Solar Eclipse 2013 - Tennant Creek, Australia by Stephen Permezel
  • Half Moon by champion
  • The Lagoon and Trifid Nebulas by outcast1
  • Noctilucent cloud by zumi
  • Super Moon by jules572
  • The Giant Grapefruit - Full Moon by Rivendell7
  • Craters on the moon by Rivendell7