A group for works, and people, that relate to astronomy.


  • Fly Me to The Moon by Paul Gitto
  • The Moon by KevinGrieveArt
  • Green Perseid by zumi
  • Half Pizza by champion
  • Alignment of the planets 2011 by Doug Cliff
  • Death Valley Aurora Star Trails Over Car by Gavin Heffernan
  • Omega Nebula by KevinGrieveArt
  • Chelyabinsk Meteor Strike by Samuel Sheats
  • Electric Blue Star Trails Over Joshua Tree Desert Sky by Gavin Heffernan
  • Star Trails Sweep Over Joshua Tree Night Desert by Gavin Heffernan
  • Jupiter over Cardwell by Teale Britstra
  • The Moon - Ottawa, Canada by Josef Pittner
  • Moon and Saturn over Turimetta beach NSW by Doug Cliff
  • Amazing Star Trails Over Death Valley Desert Mountain by Gavin Heffernan
  • Aldebaran - Red Giant Star by Samuel Sheats
  • Eta Aquarids ? by Doug Cliff
  • The Dish by Doug Cliff
  • The Sun - Ottawa, Canada by Josef Pittner