A group for works, and people, that relate to astronomy.


  • Panorama at Sortland strait by Frank Olsen
  • By the light of the moon by jammingene
  • Flinders Windmill and Galaxy by pablosvista2
  • Starfish Hill Galaxy by pablosvista2
  • Star.Trail.4346.aurora. by Murray Wills
  • Partial Solar Eclipse by Teale Britstra
  • Milky Way over Moogerah by Teale Britstra
  • Occultation of Saturn by Teale Britstra
  • PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE by Cristina C.p.Neumann
  • Sun Spots and Silhouette  by Sandra Chung
  • Orrery Diagram by NearBird
  • Moon at Twilight by Joel Bramley
  • Total Lunar Eclipse by Joel Bramley
  • Moon Light by Joel Bramley
  • Night Sky With Supermoon by JMNeedham
  • Night Sky Over Tekapo by Russell Charters
  • New Horizons -- Humanity Reaches Pluto 07142015 by Samuel Sheats
  • Hubble Telescope 25th Anniversary by Samuel Sheats