A group for works, and people, that relate to astronomy.


  • Aurora over Portpatrick (2) by PigleT
  • Skyfall by Frank Olsen
  • The Wizards Chimes by David Haworth
  • ISS Over Gower by safetygav
  • The Pleiades Cluster in Taurus by astrochuck
  • The giant grapefruit in the sky by Rivendell7
  • International Space Station Meets Gower by safetygav
  • Sinner or saint does not matter here..We ran from the devil fast as we can..It's all getting wicked, now is the time..don't fear no evil. tonight is the night by jammingene
  • Dark Sky Star Trails by safetygav
  • Eclipse, April 29, 2014  by Sandra Chung
  • Eclipse, April 29, 2014 by Sandra Chung
  • Venus and the Moon by diggle
  • Milky Way at Dusk by diggle
  • Star Lake by Dan Wagner
  • Morning Lights by Roddy Atkinson
  • Staring at the moon by jammingene
  • Milky Way Bokeh by Cole Stockman
  • Happy New Year! by Roddy Atkinson