Art in Asia.

Art from asian artists or by artist who reside in asia .

Recent Work

  • Beads by Dr. Harmeet Singh
  • Lunar Maiden by Katia Honour
  • LIQUID COLORS by RakeshSyal
  • Formation by Leila A. Fortier
  • Crash Landing by BruceMacArthur
  • Genesis by Leila A. Fortier
  • The Mask by Chloe Beacon
  • Evening in Roorkee by Dr. Harmeet Singh
  • Dragonfly Dreamtime by Katia Honour
  • Egyptian Bast by Katia Honour
  • Taj Mahal  by RajeevKashyap
  • The anatomy of a clockwork mouse by James  Guinnevan Seymour

About This Group

This is a group which will bring asian artists and those who live in asia together under one group helping artists to get to know each other and hopefully help us and others build a good network of friends and fellow professionals .We also hope to showcase the asian style of art and also the work of those influenced by it .

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