Good Quality Untouched Photos, Straight out the Camera. Please don't resubmit work that has been rejected by the group.

Recent Work

  • Black and white and Jacaranda by indiafrank
  • Bestowing sun rays by indiafrank
  • Agapanthus after a Shower by AnnDixon
  • Street theatre by indiafrank
  • Wild At Heart by Ben Loveday
  • Isabella Plantation by Ludwig Wagner
  • Twilight by timpr
  • Plastic Eats by Randy Turnbow
  • Orange by Paula Bielnicka
  • Dimple Them Pyramids by Randy Turnbow
  • Springtime in a Peaceful Pasture by SummerJade
  • Benched by Chet  King

About This Group

Photographs must be original unprocessed images as you composed them in the camera, untouched and not cropped.

This group is intended for unprocessed photographs and each image will be evaluated for quality of composition, depth of field, and dynamic range.

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