Artists with Disabilities

Don’t judge us by what you think we can’t do! a group for disabled artists building a career in the arts.

Recent Work

  • Windows in Gatehouse, Lews Castle, Stornoway, Western Isles by BlueMoonRose
  • Seagull Sonata by Sarah Vernon
  • Made a promise...2 more days by Sherri     Nicholas
  • Shadow Colors by debidabble
  • Tracing The Source by John Moore
  • I'm Ready For My Close-up... by Michael May
  • Ferns by kathrynsgallery
  • Hosta by kathrynsgallery
  • Watercolour Kingfisher by sarnia2
  • Blue Hydrangea- dedicated to my friend Viv by sarnia2

About This Group

There are a lot of artists on RB who also have disabilities that can sometimes affect their art and their careers. often this can lead to a feeling of aloneness and despair.

The web gives us a unique opportunity to pursue our careers with vigor despite our disabilities and conditions. when we unite together and work together for the sake of our careers we can achieve anything.

This group is for different people with disabilities to get together to discuss our art, to feel connected with others in similar situations and to look at exhibiting together and boosting each other’s career, not to mention just encouraging one another. This is a collaborative, supportive group centered around artistic careers and development. when you feel alone you often don’t know where to start, and then you are afraid to take the first steps. this group is about taking those steps together.

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