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Artists with a mental illness that use their work for healing and expression

Recent Work

  • The Waters of Time by George Coombs
  • Sweet ... & Sexi... Seduction.. &... Desire. by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D
  • Scarlet Swirl by MarjorieB
  • Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella by RobynLee
  • Before the crime began by Heather King
  • True Home by George Coombs
  • Spine Divine by ellamental
  • Red - Portrait Of A Woman by Nancy Mauerman
  • You Deliver Unmarried Children You Can't Be Buried Here by Nancy Mauerman
  • Tamed and torn by Heather King
  • Water Deva by ellamental
  • Dennice by Nancy Mauerman

About This Group

This group is for those with bipolar,and other mental illnesses to use their work for therapy , or to express. Or for supporters of the illness, it is just as hard to watch a loved one go through it as it is yourself. Art therapy is one of the only things that worked for me , the expression and feelings I find easy to paint I could never say. I am a better person since doing art , I am more relaxed and stress free. My imagination can run wild on canvas rather on other peoples property.

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