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[Easy] Button - Convert Your Image

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6160 posts

Use this tool to convert your work into an active link, to post it in a forum or your profile

Play around with the features

Please Note

♦ Mounted images – size can’t be changes
♦ Smaller images:
size can be manually changed from 300×300; 550×550 and 800×800

♦ After opening the tool, one can save it in Favorites. When using the tool, work with two windows (at least)

Laura J. Holman Laura J. Holman 414 posts

Thanks for posting Mary. A great tool!

wolfepaw wolfepaw 1257 posts

I love the Easy Button! It’s a great tool and particularly handy for doing features in a group or in your journal. I use it all the time. Thanks for posting it here for others to use, Mary!

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6160 posts

Yes, I am using it on a daily basis. I don’t know how would I manage all I do without it. Beside the easiness of use, it is a great showcasing tool because crerates the links to the artists’ gallery. I love it!