Artistic Nude

A group which explores the beauty of the human form using any medium.


  • Narin Ismail

    Discover......... by Narin Ismail

    “Discover a fulfillment of a beating heart that seeks and drinks sex”


    13 words
  • Narin Ismail

    shadow by Narin Ismail

    Leave me speechless,…

    Under crying flowers,

    That only grows under my grave.

    I am hurt, so burnt under no fire,

    Sometimes I want to leave silently,

    To a world without ears, no eyes

    And no soul undernea

    39 words
  • Gary  Crandall

    THIS MOMENT IN TIME by Gary Crandall

    This content is not visible because mature content has been hidden.
    65 words
  • Darkmonkey

    Burns night...... by Darkmonkey

    ……Lily giggled then somehow slid herself over the head rest and joinded us, half naked, in the front – sat on the Cat’s lap, and unbuttoned her blouse with a sigh……

    311 words
  • jules / Missy frost

    Sister. by jules / Missy ...

    Though there is no blood between us
    she’s in my heart and soul
    I love my little sister
    more than she’ll ever know
    She’s been there right beside me
    through thick and very thin
    I thank God for my sister

    48 words
  • pilanehimself

    I Will Never Be Wasted Again! by pilanehimself

    If you don’t know where you are going,
    You are wasted.
    If you don’t know what you want to be,
    You are wasted.
    If you don’t know what is going on,
    You are wasted.
    If you don’t even know what to do,
    You are w…

    199 words
  • pilanehimself

    You Are A Nation! by pilanehimself

    A nation without history
    Is misplaced and forgotten
    A nation without the past
    Does not exist at all
    You came from a nation…

    The past gave birth to you
    The future depends on you
    History made you
    You are here

    117 words
  • eric shepherd

    Mad artists by eric shepherd

    Artists are a mad lot

    302 words