Artistic Nude

Group Rules:

Updated October 11, 2012

The old 3 per day rule has been removed – for now at least – as long as it’s not abused.

Works must be nude! that means clothed (or draped clothing) works will not be accepted. The Moderators will have final call on works that may be in the grey area, and there will be times that implied nudes will be acceptable if they still show the beauty of the human form in a creative and well executed manner.

Children and babies will also be deleted and may be flagged as inappropriate. Please don’t upload invitations, images of flowers, trees or non-human subjects. All media are acceptable, please upload your best work!

All works must abide by the RedBubble guidelines here. This means we are about subtlety and beauty, not about voyeurism or titillation. RedBubble has some well established guidelines on this subject but I would like to clarify them so that there is minimal confusion.

The guidelines state: “No pornography or sexually explicit material is permissible. We understand that nudity is legitimate area for artistic expression but no images that could be construed as pornographic and no images that display genitalia.“
This means that a small amount of pubic hair and mound are fine, labia are contentious and any depictions of the vulva will be bounced. I recommend staying away from really obvious open legged poses and orifices. With men, an erect penis is too much as well and I think it is safe to say penetration is right out! if an image of a penis is too close up to tell if it is erect or not it will be bounced.

if you are warned twice about inappropriate content you will be removed from the group on your third strike.

These guidelines were worked out in advance with Redbubble to stick with their own guidelines. I am not running down more explicit nudes – in fact I’m a fan of quite a few explicit works. however, in this situation we are trying to present nudes that will appeal to a greater audience, rather than create contention. I’d like to make this a discussion area in the forums because everyone has a different view on what nude art should cover.. or uncover.