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Artistic Nude

A group which explores the beauty of the human form using any medium.

Avatar and Badge Art Challenge!

This challenge closed over 3 years ago.

The Challenge

Greetings friends! We, the members of this group, are in need of a new Avatar, Group Image, and Badge that we can offer up to the public in the promotion of our group, and the badge to award those special images that are selected as ‘Featured’ Works by your moderators.

The trick is this… the images MUST be publicly viewable, but still reflect on the nature of our art.

So… Submissions are being called for in this challenge, and we will allow the group to vote to select the winners.

Submission Rules:

YOUR SUBMISSION MUST BE TITLED ‘AVATAR CHALLENGE – title’. Failure to do this may result in selections being rejected by moderators as they are likely to fall outside the normal parameters for submissions into the group. Don’t miss the chance to compete by skipping this step.

I don’t know if submissions can be made from art that is not approved into the group, and during the challenge I will be personally checking several times daily to keep up with moderation and answer and Bmails related to the challenge.

Go forth and be creative! I will also accept submissions from the Moderators only because it is the group that is voting, not just the moderators, so I believe it to be fair that we have the chance to be part of the challenges as well. Of course… if you disagree, don’t hesitate to shoot me a Bmail!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Simple: Pick the BEST of the BEST! We want only brilliant representations of our group to show to the public, We don’t want this to be a popularity contest, we want this to be the best images we can find to represent our community on the whole. Keep that one thing in mind and vote accordingly.

Rewards & Prizes

Winners will be awarded the right to have their names engraved in the annals of the group for a long time. How long? Until we decide we need a new look. Could be all of 2013! Could be less. Could even be more. But full credit will be presented to the winners on the main group page, along with announcements in the Community that reach a much wider audience.

I’m not sure if Group Image and Avatar are the same, but either way, the top 3 selected images will be used thusly:

1st place – Group Image and/or Avatar
2nd place – Group Image and/or Avatar – if in fact these are both the same thing,
then this image will be used as the badge for Featured Images.
3rd place – If needed, this will be the badge image. If not needed, honourable mention
on the group home page and any other announcements we submit.

We MIGHT do a gallery of the top 10 if response is strong enough.

Additional Information

Winners agree that the moderators of this group will have free reign to use, repost, modify as needed (with approval of the final version by the creative genious that wins of course), the submitted images throughout the Red Bubble Community in the promotion of this group and its membership, without call for compensation aside from links and named credits wherever possible within the system.

Cover Image: Midnight Dancer by The Nude Project


The Top Ten

Nude Lines 6 by Mikhail Palinchak

Nude Lines 6 by Mikhail Palinchak was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • Glowing Babe by Eric Nagel
  • And The Light Cascaded Over Her Body by Maxoperandi
  • sunny buns by bubblebush
  • AVATAR Challenge. "Whip of colour" by Linda Papagna
  • AVATAR CHALLENGE – 27 by rowanmacs
  • nōku te whiwhi by Mark Danoro
  • Avatar Challenge by mtphotography
  • AVATAR CHALLENGE - Ravyn with Floral Sarong by artbarkvideo
  • Emerging from the sea by ©The Creative  Minds

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