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  • Carter's Lake, Chatsworth, Georgia, USA by Scott Mitchell
  • Colorful Ornate Decorative Pattern by DFLC Prints
  • Rainbow triangles abstract by Shellibean1162
  • November in Shantytown by Shellibean1162
  • " The Trumpeter Swan" by Malcolm Chant
  • An Appaloosa Called Ginger'... by Valerie Anne Kelly
  • Always Bear by Sybille Sterk
  • Winya No. 44 by Winya
  • Cats galore - for bag, pillows, pouches, laptop skins, drawstring bags  by Roberta Angiolani
  • 'Time is like a loosed balloon caught in a tree dreaming of the sky' by Jerry Kirk
  • Going Beyond by George Coombs
  • King of the woods by evaverhoeven
  • Seeing things that others don`t by crystalline
  • Giro D' Italia Retro  Paso Del Stelvio Cycling Poster by SFDesignstudio
  • Carlton Covered Bridge - Swanzey - New Hampshire - USA by TonyCrehan
  • WISHING WELL by Tammera
  • Sea and Sky - Mullins Bay by Christine "Xine" Segalas
  • AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT by Tammera