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This challenge closed almost 6 years ago.

The Challenge

We want to see restriction, binding, holding back, tied-up, hindered…anything that makes you think of a binding force involved.

1. the act of fastening, securing, uniting, or the like.
2. anything that binds.
(Thanks!) ☺

Judging / Voting Criteria

Do you see a binding force? Vote!

Rewards & Prizes

$20 Redbubble Voucher, banners to winner and top ten placements, bragging rights, and recognition and support from peers and fellow artists ☺

Additional Information

Hosts have the right to remove entries that do not fit under the guidelines of the theme of the challenge. All mediums are accepted as entries.

Cover Image: BOUND BY MY TATTOOS by shotomanrob


The Top Ten

"release me..." by Rebecca Tun

"release me..." by Rebecca Tun was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 2 votes.

  • Minotaur's Temple by Steve Farr
  • Ghost of Elvis by Thomas Eggert
  • Paris - Gendarmerie. by Jean-Luc Rollier
  • come together by leapdaybride

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