Students and Beginners!!

This group is open to all people who are less experienced in the field of art.

  • I See All With My Eagle Eye by TeresaB
  • Are you in there? by Soulmaytz
  • A Brand New World by Tara Lemana
  • The Love Nest by Rebecca Holman
  • Remembering by trish725
  • Look at me... by Ana Belaj
  • George by Prettyinpinks
  • Can I Go Back In by trish725
  • Shy puppy  by Riko2us
  • Number 6 by Doug McRae
  • Australian dirt road in the Flinders Ranges by Joanne Emery
  • Berliner Dom by James Hennman
  • Chicago River After Dark by Victoria Jostes
  • Horse Play by Laura  Donnell
  • Winter Sun by ducilla
  • First Snow by Lea  Weikert
  • Fence Posts  by relayer51
  • Bridge In The Snow by Mat Robinson