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Recent Work

  • Fall Structures by EBArt
  • Bones by rentedochan
  • Boab Tree  by EOS20
  • Magic Leaves by KLIMAS
  • Silhouettes by EBArt
  • Rose is a rose.. It smells good everytime. by Dominika Aniola
  • Road to Nowhere by Benedikt Amrhein
  • Burn by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Tread Lightly And Carry A Big Stick by Ben Loveday
  • Birthday Greetings To A Dear Friend by Sandra Foster
  • At the Museum by rentedochan
  • A Day At The Arboretum #2 - The Ascent by Benedikt Amrhein

About This Group

Art Stories – inspired by art in life is for artists and photographers who are wanting to share their work & to display really creative artworks. This group was created for creative artworks, photographs,monthly challenges and featured Artists.Everybody who loves art is welcome.We welcome all new members !

Creativity is to have new ideas, strong emotions, experiments, unexpected subjects, original a fresh air welcome in our world of images!

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We will feature the best artworks submitted in the Artist Category on our blog. So, please show your best! You are invited to share your best creative artwork!
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We will not accept images unless they have a very creative touch and post work as like a texture applied.If the image subject does not comply to this – it will be removed.Also we do not accept images with text applied.

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Images will NOT be accepted unless they have an aesthetically creative post work applied.
No Snapshots please.

Please limit the addition of your work to 1 image per day.


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