Introducing leggings. You’ll never run out of inspiration.

Drawn to Fashion- Art on Clothing

A group for artists/illustrators adding to the world of fashion


  • Blue wreath by katzegraphics
  • Pocket Mario Super Mario T-Shirt by Purrdemonium
  • Robin Hood  by TsipiLevin
  • The Last Ape by 10813Apparel
  • TV Headz - The Bat by SevenHundred
  • TV Headz - Mr J by SevenHundred
  • Mallard the Fastest Steam Locomotive T-shirt + leggings by Dennis Melling
  • Concorde T-shirt & leggings design by Dennis Melling
  • A Cloud of Sails on a Vintage Ship T-shirt and leggings design by Dennis Melling
  • Real Men Go Commando by Samuel Sheats
  • Fight of the Century by frogafro
  • Shamrock Patty ready for St Patrick's Day T-Shirt, leggings, etc by Dennis Melling
  • Anatomy of a Betta Fish by Sophie Corrigan
  • Trap House by 10813Apparel
  • Lightly Toasted by alwayslovedcc
  • Predator flower by katzegraphics
  • Night Sail by STEELGRAPHICS
  • International Women's Day by Samuel Sheats