Art of Trees (Trees as the main focus of your work)

Artworks using TREES as the MAIN SUBJECT (FOCAL POINT).

Recent Work

  • Mount Macedon Forest by Elisabeth Thorn
  • Scary Tree- Stringybark Loop Trail by Ben Loveday
  • Silver Birch & Blue Bells by carolhynes
  • Tree Shadow by carolhynes
  • Scary Tree- Third Falls Track by Ben Loveday
  • Looking towards the memory lake by jchanders
  • Tree Detail on the Shoreline of the Fox River by Roger Passman
  • A Storm Approaches by Ben Loveday
  • Summer is here by jammingene
  • When trees are ripe green by MarianBendeth
  • Out of the Woods 3 by olga zamora
  • Dryad 4 by olga zamora

About This Group

Trees play an important role in the lives of everyone on earth. They provide us with oxygen, food, shelter, heat, furniture, and so much more.

Let’s celebrate our love for the natural beauty of trees.

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