Art of the Adult Human Body

A place for high quality bodyscapes, body abstracts, artistic nudes and long as the focus is on the Human Body!

Recent Work

  • Bamboo Bones by pkfortyseven
  • The installation by Graham Farquhar
  • Reading The Wise Girl's Guide to Freelance Modelling  by MarcW
  • Marina by Graham Farquhar
  • Wounded by strawberries
  • c'est la vie by Paul Davenport
  • Self Portrait as Saint Sebastian by John Douglas
  • A little bit of cock bondage by Graham Farquhar
  • I Encourage Lots of Reading© by walela
  • Body and soul by Damian Morphou
  • Good-Looking Men in Skimpy Bathing Suits in Front of Greenery by John Douglas
  • Untitled by Graham Farquhar

About This Group

This group is about the beauty and the art of the Human Body. It is a place to celebrate, showcase and explore aspects of the unadorned human body in various styles and forms. We are looking for high quality images that are able to set tone & mood, using only the Human Body as a subject.
Whether it be bodyscapes, body abstracts or artistic nudes (ie no clothes of any sort will be permitted) …….this group is about the wonder, the lines, the shapes and the structures that we have in our very own bodies….and the various ways in which we can translate these aspects artistically. Headshots and portraits from the waist up will be rejected .. as their are other groups which cater for those.

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