Art of the Doll

Art work inspired by the doll.

What is a doll?

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Definitions and discription of what is considered a doll.

a small replica of a person; used as a toy
A doll is a child’s toy that represents a baby or other human being, humanoid
a child’s plaything in human form, jointed or unjointed

Types of dolls:

Action figures
Ball-jointed doll
Bobblehead doll
Cabbage Patch Kids
Celebrity doll
Barbie and Ken
Jumeau Dolls
Kewpie doll
Paper doll
Raggedy Ann and Andy
Strawberry Shortcake
Troll doll
Kachina dolls
Voodoo doll

bisque, celluloid, china, clay, cloth, corn husks paper, plastic, polymer clay, porcelain, resin, rubber, vinyl, wax wood, papier-mâché.

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Any other suggestions welcome and will be considered.

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