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Art of Skateboarding

A group that appreciates the art of skateboarding. Skateboarders are pretty damn creative people, on and off their boards, so here is a place to showcase Skate related art. From painted decks to dooldles done by skaters to photgraphs of skateboarding - IT


  • Hiphop Saved Me by LifeSince1987
  • Photography Saved Me by LifeSince1987
  • JESSIE by LifeSince1987
  • Marilyn Monroe by LifeSince1987
  • Swag Like Jesus by LifeSince1987
  • VÉLO  by LifeSince1987
  • Skating by redstripes
  • Backside Tuck-Knee Indy Air by reflector
  • Mr. Punani by Jessicabritton
  • Agnicle by wildraw
  • Panzie by wildraw
  • Heavyweight Skateboarding by Jacques Maes
  • Handplant by Jacques Maes
  • Run Forever by frasergiles
  • Tribal Star by frasergiles
  • Baseball mask by Jonilargo
  • Alien Spray tshirt by Jonilargo
  • Banksy children tshirt graff GET UP! (Red Font) by Jonilargo