Art of Skateboarding

A group that appreciates the art of skateboarding. Skateboarders are pretty damn creative people, on and off their boards, so here is a place to showcase Skate related art. From painted decks to dooldles done by skaters to photgraphs of skateboarding - IT


Scott Robinson Scott Robinson 425 posts

Yep! There`s still another, but they`re getting very pricy again..

AND, Pip, I strongly suggest you itemise your board collection with your insurance company. Someone crowbarred my back door over the holidays, (didn`t get in though! f*&Ckers!), so I had a nice long chat with some insurance people, and got that shit sorted out.

Nick, get onto S&B man, you`ll be surprised.. DO IT!! hahaha

Nick Ford Nick Ford 356 posts

That’s no good mate! Prolly after ‘your’ decks n art though ……….. not your oldschool collection. That’s what i’d be goin for! hahahaaaa };0)

Pip Gerard Pip Gerard 966 posts

Bastards…seriously how do they live with themselves!

You must have one hellava lock on that door – thank goodness!

We had a fella come to our door on boxing day saying he was a meter man and he was there to check our globes!! Luke answered the door but I could hear the guy talking. Bells rang in my head immediately for a number of reasons… cause we all know Xmas is the season peak for robberies… who the hell works door knocking on boxing day & he was a much older Australian male and that story he gave was ludicrous! (whoever heard of a meter man checking globes?) Seriously… think he shoulda worked on his story a bit better!

It was obvious he was just door knocking to see who was away on holidays.

My sister had the same kind of thing asked at her place about 6 months before … that they were checking globes and offering replacements. That same night three houses in her street were robbed and she was later told by one of the people in her street that it was by the fellas that knocked on her door.

I ended up calling the cops to report the guy in case there were any robberies reported in our street… but who knows what happened. Never heard anything back about it.

Thanks for the reminder re insurance definitely on it!