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A group that appreciates the art of skateboarding. Skateboarders are pretty damn creative people, on and off their boards, so here is a place to showcase Skate related art. From painted decks to dooldles done by skaters to photgraphs of skateboarding - IT

Design a Deck

This challenge closed about 5 years ago.

The Challenge

OK. The challenge is to design a skateboard deck graphic. Easy peasy!

Any existing graphic you have can be used. Be that cropped, duplicated or any other manipulation ….. just turn it into a deck!

Photos, patterns, vectors, paintings, even sketches can be used for a deck graphic. Go nuts! Just use the dimensions below

Judging / Voting Criteria

Best overall deck graphic. (Keep truck (wheels) placement in mind)

Rewards & Prizes

Possibly a $20 RedBubble voucher (will let you know after i speak to the HeadHonchios)

Additional Information

Image size: 30cm x 7.7cm {3543 x 945px} …. or there about’s.

Please upload as ART.


Cover Image: Skateboard design by Helena Babic


The Top Ten

The Scary Edge Deck by Pip Gerard

The Scary Edge Deck by Pip Gerard was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 8 votes.

  • Octoboard- {Spray canAbyss} by alexMo
  • Caught A Lite Breeze- Skateboard Deck by Sarah ORourke
  • birdy by koni
  • "In my mind's eye" - (Hamlet Act I, Scene II). by Danny Jackson
  • Psychedelic-Skateboard Deck Graphic by eleni dreamel
  • Rakuda Deck (Deck Challenge) by Rakuda

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