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The Fine Art of Photography (1 p.d.)

Group Rules:

Pleased submit only ONE photograph per day

We would like to see the following types of image:

  1. fine art photography images that represents the very best of who you are and what you do
  2. original photographic images, whether digital or film

Acceptance policy:

  1. A maximum of one image per person will be considered per day; any additional images presented on the same day will be rejected without further consideration.
  2. Images submitted will be vetted before being displayed.

Minimal photoshoping or editing. Acceptable adjustments include:

Sharpening (not over-sharpening – look to your edges…)
Contrast adjustment
General levels or curves adjustment.
B&W tone conversion
Noise reduction (not smoothing…)
In-camera filter use
Multiple exposures in-camera if done on one frame, not combined after shooting.

Please do not submit images that have undergone any of the following:

Montage/compilation or combining of more than one image
Texture layers
Selective blurring (unless created by using depth of field or other in-camera method)
Added or selective colouring (adjustments as above excepted)
Obvious use of burning and dodging
Vignetting (lens vignetting from in-camera is acceptable) or edges added in software
‘HDR’ processing
Smoothing or noise reduction resulting in overly soft or smooth effect
Over-use of eyes/teeth dodging
“Lomo-style” imaging unless actually created with a camera
Artistic filter applications such as posterization, oil paint, solarization or any other similar manipulations
Photos that are comprised entirely of someone else’s artwork such as a painting or mural or advertising
Photographs with added text or borders

Since art always has a subjective element, the final decisions on submitted images will still encompass some subjectivity on the part of the hosts.

Please remember not to submit drawings, illustrations, paintings or journals that have nothing to do with photography or this group. If you’ve been featured and would like to say thanks, please use the Thanks forum in the group, rather than submitting journals.

If you have questions about the rules or images submitted, please use the group forums rather than bmails to the hosts. Since we have a number of hosts it is more efficient to use the forum.

Requirements are covered in more detail in our guidelines and can be discussed there.

  • Please Read Carefully *
    Moderating a group such as this one requires a substantial amount of unpaid time. It is a joy to moderate this group, which is arguably one of the finest demonstrations of beautiful photography on Redbubble – and in fact, anywhere.

However – many have a habit of checking all their available group boxes when uploading a work. It is not acceptable to continuously submit images to this group that disregard the rules above. You will know that this is happening by a constant stream of ‘this work does not meet the group’s criteria’ type of rejection notice. I hate being a hard-ass – but – I WILL remove members that do not feel they have the time to make sure their photo meets the guidelines before submitting it, and consistently do this. If we are are going to devote our free time to keep this gallery/group looking beautiful, you can spend a few seconds deciding if your photo really does meet the criteria.

Fair enough?