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Art of Glass (3/day)

Group Rules:

The most obvious rule is that the glass be the MAIN subject. We want it to be the main player on the stage, not just to be playing an incidental role. Basically, we want the glass in your image to be the first thing our eye is drawn to! We want to really enjoy the textures of glass, and all the nuances of it that make it so interesting.

Also please note:

1. Submit your best photography. It’s appreciated when an effort is made to get the shot in focus and not be noisy.

2. Abstract images should include a description of the object. If a description is not supplied, the work may not be accepted.

3. Works with heavy manipulation to the point where the textures of glass are lost will not be accepted.

4. If an object is made of glass, but not very obviously so, please add a little extra note in the description to clarify (for the purposes of this group, porcelain objects will not be accepted, nor will images of sunglasses).

If a work is rejected, it will be because we feel it does not fit the rules and/or the vision for the group, but please don’t be put off! If you are uncertain, submit the work anyway. It may also help to look at the featured work for ideas.


p.s. Nudity is fine if tasteful. We won’t accept images with genitalia in them, however.