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Art Inspired by Dreams

This group gains inspiration from the Dreamworld or Astral Plane.


  • Tom Krantz

    "why dont you write me a poem" by Tom Krantz

    She made me realize fears that never
    knew a shadow
    shape or form…

    caught my eyes too many times
    to count

    She teased me to please the
    sadistic intentions
    she threatens, like
    “won’t you come over tonight?”

    203 words
  • ryan  munson

    The Answer by ryan munson

    Surveillance spheres and orbs of wonder
    Clash in bright luminous rays of thunder
    As if sights are noise or action makes
    The sound of light after a bulb wakes…

    And then suddenly the glow a fire cracks

    60 words
  • Misunderstood24

    Figuring Out by Misunderstood24

    Sometimes you just
    need to figure yourself
    out before you
    can do anything else.…

    I am young
    and restless
    and some days
    I am afraid.

    Tomorrow is a scary thing.

    Then again, so is my past.

    I wonder when

    67 words
  • G2 Unplugged

    Green by G2 Unplugged

    Legacy in green
    Arbitrator of a dream
    Belonging only to me
    So it would seem…without sympathy
    Cast in shadows to an abundant spring
    And, it looks good on me
    Bestowing everything
    In favor of a complicated lo…

    396 words
  • libramoon

    if Earth is purgatory, may I stoically enjoy the flails by libramoon

    We once called to vision
    cry to see your anger
    pitiful and collared
    primped in cold and silver
    Who are we to mourn you?
    So reviled and tattered

    187 words
  • A boy called Star

    Undertow. by A boy called Star

    girl that seemed to waver as she walked, wisps of something dark and too thick to be smoke, a girl who shadows seemed to be drawn to, a laugh like a deep, crystalline set of wind chimes.
    645 words
  • Lozzle

    The Dance of the Rejected by Lozzle

    Every moment it kills you
    Every beat of the drum
    The pain somehow glorious
    Like a battle half won
    A torture exquisite
    For a debt well repaid
    and by the time it is over
    You’re no less afraid.

    39 words
  • oscarelizondo

    I'll Be Leaving Soon by oscarelizondo

    It’s only a matter of time before I make my heart felt decision,
    As my goals have not taken off like I had long ago envisioned.
    I looked very near, far, and wide for answers from a nature’s prospective…

    475 words
  • Misunderstood24

    Let Go by Misunderstood24

    she left me a note
    on a saturday in June
    it read:…

    “I want you to be happy. And I realize that you’re not happy. The truth is neither am I. I am not happy with you and I am not happy with myself. I don’

    126 words
  • darkvampire

    and I shall see the wings of birds by darkvampire

    and I shall
    see the wings of
    as gossamer

    83 words
  • G2 Unplugged

    They by G2 Unplugged

    When they come easily
    They seem to be
    Both encased in you
    And carrying you
    And facing truth
    I can’t erase
    Maybe I don’t want to
    Maybe in their place
    Will be the hidden moments
    And the longing for the day
    When …

    210 words
  • dasSuiGeneris

    My Empire of Dirt by dasSuiGeneris

    I have let you down.
    I have made you hurt.

    196 words
  • oscarelizondo

    Memorial Day by oscarelizondo

    This can be a painful day to remember for those still standing for freedom,
    Be it a service man or woman, or perhaps a veteran with a story to tell.
    Somewhere in the mind of each one of us is the dedic…

    230 words
  • Tom Krantz

    Behind closed doors by Tom Krantz

    I need me
    a freak, not just a
    notch in my belt…

    an angel with no wings
    and a twisted story to tell

    she torn them off her back
    cause they got in the way, when she
    wanted to get fucked
    they only knew forepl

    96 words
  • oscarelizondo

    A Will To Never Give Up by oscarelizondo

    With my right hand I picked up the sand from the ocean’s floor,
    Feelings inside my heart made me aware that it was my door.
    The salted sea water let it run down like it was melting away,
    And I envisione…

    231 words
  • Lyndy

    The Ironing Board by Lyndy

    Time elapsed and money was short
    so out came the ironing board
    a career was embarked upon, so she could provide with pride

    156 words
  • oscarelizondo

    A Picture of Us by oscarelizondo

    In my life time I did not have the means to own my camera,,
    Because I wanted to take a picture of us together for the world to see.
    However; I do have in my power a lense that can see far and wide,
    And …

    350 words
  • redolentquill

    Tear me open by redolentquill

    The lampshade quivers
    Shadows push the walls
    Lumps seep down my voice
    Your toes twitch, head sinks
    In my heart warms a
    Throbbing emptiness
    What is there to do
    What is there to want
    In the now of thing…

    95 words